When the Peace Was Signed, A Letter Home

Trimbs, Germany

June 28, 1919

Dear Folks,

Well we only stayed one week in Andernach but it was a nice week lots to go to and that helps. The real dull part of the day is after supper which is five o’clock and it gets dark about 9:30. If you don’t have someplace to go it seems pretty long.

Just a few minutes ago a car came in from Hdqts. Saying Peace had been signed. Every body should be overjoyed but they don’t make any demonstration. In the first place, peace has almost been signed so many times that they can’t hardly believe it. Of course we all want to believe it.

Any way, we are going to have a big banquett tonight. I mean the Bolshevicks going to have some eats. (over)

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Baked ham, gravy, Potatoes fried with cheese, radishes lettuce. Peas with cream. Cakes. Pies. Ice cream & champagne. A few other things I can’t remember. We are going to have some time.

Sent over after some Germans to play for us in case they don’t get here we have a Victrola so you C we are stepping out. I forgot that we are going to have Egg omlettes. We poured the wine in a big bowl, put enough sugar in it then dump strawberries in and mash ‘em up and let it set a while and it makes a drink that Old King Solomon in all his Glory never had any better.

Well if it is true that Peace has been signed we will be home in two months any way if not sooner. Any way things will liven up now and that’s what I want action.

Well I must close I am full now had lemonade ice cream for supper and I just had to eat it.

With love your Son & Bro. Roy.

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